I still want to eat the new three fresh stuffed buns!


200g flour
500g pork
150g celery
2 persimmon peppers
Appropriate amount of cabbage
5g yeast powder


Step 1
Wash the green pepper, celery and cabbage and drain the water

Step 2
Wash and chop pork into mince

Step 3
Remove the stalks and seeds of green peppers and rub them into silk with an eraser

Step 4
Squeeze the green pepper juice into the meat filling by hand to draw water filling

Step 5
Scald celery and cabbage with boiling water

Step 6
Remove supercooled water

Step 7
Drain celery and cabbage and chop into powder

Step 8
Add cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, chopped green onion and ginger, pepper, pepper powder, chicken mixed oil and other seasonings to the pork stuffing

Step 9
Put shredded green pepper, celery and cabbage into the pork stuffing and mix well. The steamed stuffed bun stuffing is ready

Step 10
Add an appropriate amount of yeast powder, a little salt, an appropriate amount of warm water, and ferment at room temperature. Generally, this work is done first. The filling can be adjusted in the process of noodle making. When the filling is adjusted, the flour is also made

Step 11
Dig a small hole in the flour and pour in the mixed baking soda

Step 12
Knead the dough well

Step 13
Divide the medicine and roll it into a thick steamed stuffed bun skin in the middle and thin around

Step 14
Put some stuffing on it

Step 15
Pinch into steamed stuffed bun

Step 16
After all the steamed stuffed buns are wrapped, place them for 20 minutes and let them send out again

Step 17
Steam in cold water for 20 minutes

Step 18
When the time is up, turn off the power and wait three or five minutes before you can take out the steamed stuffed buns to eat