Make nutritious and delicious


A broccoli
An egg
A tomato
A little fungus
A little cooking wine
A little thirteen incense
A little salt
A little chicken essence
Proper amount of corn oil


Step 1
Wash the broccoli

Step 2

Step 3
Egg breaking

Step 4
Sliced tomatoes

Step 5
Auricularia bubble hair

Step 6
Heat the pan with cold oil and fry the eggs until cooked

Step 7
Add onion and ginger in another pot to explode

Step 8
Add tomatoes, stir fry, add cooking wine, thirteen spices.

Step 9
Add fungus

Step 10
Add eggs

Step 11
Add broccoli

Step 12
Add a little salt and chicken essence out of the pot

Step 13
Put it on the plate