Speaking of braised meat, it’s a hype. There are dozens of braised meat in the eight major cuisines. I am confident that I have eaten more than a dozen braised meat in major restaurants, stewed meat in Taiwan, and even read no less than 50 braised meat practices. Here, I have made a Cantonese braised meat that I think is the best to eat, based on the major cuisines and some of my own ideas


500g streaky pork
200g chestnut
5 mushrooms (dry)
10 bean curd bubbles
2 octagons
5g cinnamon
Proper amount of ginger and garlic
30ml seafood soy sauce
15ml meijixian
15ml braised soy sauce
15ml fuel consumption
35g sugar
10g monosodium glutamate
10g chicken essence


Step 1
Wash the mushrooms and soak them in water

Step 2
Wash the streaky pork and cut it into pieces. Fry it on both sides in a pan (no oil)

Step 3