Nanjing people are famous for eating ducks. They are affordable and taste great! In addition to buying ready-made salted water and roast duck in the pickle shop, our family occasionally marinates a few simple and easy salted duck legs at home; It’s not that I just got the “Jiale gift bag” from Gourmet Jie last week. I went to the supermarket at the weekend and saw the duck legs for promotion. It’s 4.98 yuan / kg. It’s very cost-effective. I bought some back and wanted to make salted duck legs. It must taste very good~~~


860g duck leg
Proper amount of pepper
2 small pieces of cinnamon
2 small octagonal valve
2G ginger slices
6G scallion
20G pickle salt
Proper amount of Jiale chicken essence


Step 1
Prepare clean duck legs, pickle salt, pepper, green onion, ginger and chicken essence

Step 2
Pour pepper and pickle salt into the frying pan. Stir fry over medium and low heat to produce flavor. The pickle salt is yellowish. Turn off the fire and let it cool

Step 3
Put the washed and drained duck legs into a large container, add the ingredients in the accessories, and then pour in the fried pepper salt (reserve some for standby)

Step 4
Massage the duck legs, spread the seasoning evenly on the duck legs, and marinate for more than 4 hours

Step 5
Take out the salted duck legs, dry them slightly in a ventilated place, and pour the salted accessories into the soup pot

Step 6
Pour in a little pepper salt reserved in advance

Step 7
Then pour in an appropriate amount of water and cover with fire

Step 8
After the water boils, put in the dried salted duck legs, cover the duck legs with water and cover with fire

Step 9
After boiling again, turn to low heat and simmer for about 350 ~ 40 minutes

Step 10
You can poke it with bamboo chopsticks

Step 11
Sprinkle a little Jiale chicken essence and turn off the fire

Step 12
Remove and drain; It can be covered and soaked overnight (or eaten immediately)

Step 13
Chop and dish