Winter solstice is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder, eat mutton soup to warm up!


3000g leg of lamb
2 clavicles
500g sheep's hoof
1 Carassius auratus
1 white radish
500g pea tip
3 ginger
5 scallions
10g tangerine peel
10 g Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Six star anise
20G spices
20G cooking wine
10 g pepper
100g spicy millet
100g green pepper
250 g coriander
250g scallion
2 white pot helmets


Step 1
Wash the leg of lamb and cut it twice to taste it.

Step 2
Wash the pig bone and cut it off.

Step 3
Prepare the ingredients: cut the scallion into sections and smash the ginger.

Step 4
Blanch the pork bone, sheep's hoof and mutton, then add ginger, scallion, tangerine peel, star anise, Chinese prickly ash and some spices, bring to a boil, skim the foam, and finally add cooking wine and a little pepper.

Step 5
In about 1.5 hours, the mutton will be picked up (until the chopsticks can be directly inserted into the mutton), and the rest of the bones will continue to simmer slowly over low heat. About 4-6 hours, you can see the white soup.

Step 6
Clean the sheep offal. After scalding the Morchella, scrape off the surface layer, then wash it repeatedly with the sausage, rub it repeatedly with salt and flour, then turn it over and shake the oil inside, and finally turn it over and rub it several times.

Step 7
In another pot, add the same spices and cook for about two hours, then pour the boiling water directly.

Step 8
A crucian carp, after washing the water, under the oil pan fried on both sides, at the same time put ginger, onion increase flavor.

Step 9
Fry until both sides are yellow. Add water and cook for half an hour.

Step 10
Ready to eat mutton soup materials, first chop millet spicy, green pepper, coriander, green onion, and then slice white radish, pea tip as long as sharp, cut two white helmets.

Step 11
Slice the cooked mutton.

Step 12
Cut the lamb into small pieces.

Step 13
Mutton soup stewed 5, 6 hours later, and then pour the crucian carp soup into the boil.

Step 14
Prepare a large amount of ginger, green onion, and boiled mutton oil. First add lard, then add mutton oil. Pour in ginger and green onion and saute until fragrant.

Step 15
Then the next mutton and miscellaneous continue to stir fry, add the right amount of salt, pepper.

Step 16
Finally, pour in the soup, remove the froth, cook for a while, turn off the heat and serve.

Step 17
Finally, make a dipping dish: add sufu, green pepper, spicy millet, coriander into the bowl, and then scoop up a spoonful of soup.