This mutton ball Hu spicy soup tastes very good. Try it, too!


300g mutton
20G black fungus
50g 1000 sheets
50g Flammulina velutipes
2 eggs
Proper amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of starch
Proper amount of salt
15ml raw extract
30ml aged vinegar


Step 1
Chop black fungus bubble hair, shred a thousand pieces, cut the root of Flammulina velutipes and tear it up for standby.

Step 2
Chop the mutton into minced meat.

Step 3
Put minced meat into a bowl, add ginger, salt and proper amount of water.

Step 4
Grasp the minced meat evenly.

Step 5
Beat in 1 egg and stir well.

Step 6
Add 5g starch and stir until there is no dry powder.

Step 7
Squeeze the minced meat out of the tiger's mouth on your left hand and spoon it into a hot pot at about 90 ℃. (remember, don't boil it when you first put it in. It will affect the forming of the balls.)

Step 8
Cook over medium low heat until all the mutton balls float up.

Step 9
Take out the mutton balls and soak them in cold boiled water to cool. (the water can be changed once to ensure that the water temperature is always cool, and the taste of fish balls will be more compact after passing the cold water.)

Step 10
Heat an appropriate amount of edible oil in the pot, add ginger powder to explode, add an appropriate amount of water to boil.

Step 11
Add a thousand pieces of shredded silk, crushed agaric, Flammulina velutipes and bring to a boil.

Step 12
Then add mutton balls, transfer in 15ml raw soy sauce and 5g salt.

Step 13
Pour in an appropriate amount of starch and thicken.

Step 14
Add 30 ml of aged vinegar.

Step 15
Finally, pour in the egg liquid and stir well.

Step 16
Cook for another minute. Delicious and nutritious mutton balls and spicy soup. Are you greedy.