When the weather gets cold, I make a bowl of mutton and white gourd soup and drink it. My stomach is also warm.


200g white gourd
200g mutton
Half teaspoon pepper powder
1 teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon chicken essence


Step 1
Prepare materials

Step 2
Peel and wash white gourd, cut it into pieces, and then cut it into pieces

Step 3
Wash coriander and prepare it

Step 4
Sliced mutton

Step 5
Boil the water in the pot

Step 6
Add white gourd and bring to a boil. Add pepper powder, salt and chicken essence

Step 7
Add mutton slices when white gourd slices are almost ripe

Step 8
Turn off the fire when the meat is cooked

Step 9
Pour out and sprinkle with minced coriander