Hello, dear, I’m a mom of small dishes. I like to make delicious food for my baby and share children’s food with nutrition! Delicacy can also be paid to my official account: xcmm2017, a nutritionist, can receive my delicious food every day.


A chicken leg
6 mushrooms
30g carrot
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger salt
5g soy sauce
1 drop of soy sauce
5g cooking wine
30g granulated sugar
Appropriate amount of starch


Step 1
Applicable months: more than 18 months

Step 2
Cut mushrooms, carrots, scallions and ginger into slices.

Step 3
Skin and bone the chicken leg and cut it into pieces.

Step 4
Boil chicken nuggets, scallions and ginger slices in cold water and blanch them, which can not only remove too much oil and blood, but also remove fishy smell.

Step 5
Put the boiled chicken cubes on a plate and set aside.

Step 6
Heat up the oil in the hot pot, pour the chicken and ginger into the oil pot, stir fry until the color of the chicken leg turns golden yellow, add soy sauce, stir fry until the chicken leg is covered with soy sauce, add an appropriate amount of hot water and salt to taste.

Step 7
Add sugar and raw soy sauce, then add carrots and mushrooms and simmer. Bring to a boil over high heat, turn to medium heat and simmer for about 20 minutes.

Step 8
Thicken with starch, burn until the sauce is thick, turn to high heat, and then take the juice out.

Step 9
With rice and egg soup, every ingredient in this dish is loved by the babies. Unconsciously, they eat a lot more than usual. Not only do babies love to eat, haha, can't adults stop chopsticks?