Guangdong doesn’t feel like winter this year. The temperature just dropped two days ago, and the weather suddenly changed. It’s really not suitable. It’s natural that you can’t make a mushroom hot pot for health preservation. It’s very convenient to make a side stove with the automatic boiler of Jiesai. The firepower can be adjusted automatically and manually. There’s no time to cook chicken soup. It’s delicious and nutritious.


10 g Hericium erinaceus
5 g Dictyophora
10 mushrooms
1 Coprinus comatus
150g pork
3 gram insect grass flower
2 tbsp oil
250 g Chinese Cabbage
1 chicken soup soup
10 pieces of oil dried tofu
150g oil tofu balls
2 potatoes
2 lotus roots
1 broccoli
100g purple potato vermicelli
1 carrot
1 teaspoon salt


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
After soaking the Hericium erinaceus in water, wash it several times and add the pork into the hot pot

Step 3
Press the soup button, put in Cordyceps flower, first boil the hot pot soup, bring to a boil, and cook the soup for one hour

Step 4
Use the time of soup, potatoes, lotus root slices, meatballs can be cut in half

Step 5
Dictyophora indusiana in brine

Step 6
Wash Lentinus edodes and Coprinus comatus, cut flowers with knife

Step 7
Wash broccoli and cabbage and cut into small pieces

Step 8
Soak the purple potato vermicelli first and then set aside

Step 9
Cut tofu into small pieces

Step 10
Add proper amount of chicken oil and salt, and add chicken soup in the hot pot

Step 11
Pour in tofu, mushrooms and Coprinus

Step 12
After boiling, cut the pickled Dictyophora into small pieces and add them to the soup pot

Step 13
Cut carrot flower

Step 14
Pour into the pot, you can put your favorite ingredients, first put meat, then put vegetables, you can start