Few people don’t like potatoes, so potatoes have become an essential dish in my family. Whether sour, sweet or spicy, they are delicious and omnipotent. Today, I made fried potato chips with pine mushrooms. I don’t say much about the nutrition of pine mushrooms. It’s a wild baby in Northeast China. It’s delicious and nutritious when combined with potato chips.


1 potato
50g Tricholoma matsutake (dry)
2 tbsp soybean oil
5 pepper
2 slices of ginger
1 section of scallion
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp aged vinegar


Step 1
Prepare ingredients, potato chips, mushrooms, shredded ginger, minced garlic and scallion

Step 2
After the oil is hot, put a small amount of pepper granules to burst out the flavor

Step 3
Add shredded ginger and stir fry a few times. Then add scallion and continue to stir fry

Step 4
Add mushrooms and stir fry until half cooked

Step 5
Pour in potato chips and stir fry constantly to avoid drying

Step 6
Adding a small amount of soy sauce to freshen and adjust the color, and adding aged vinegar can make potato chips more crisp

Step 7
Add salt, monosodium glutamate and minced garlic and stir fry