Spaghetti is my main breakfast, usually used to match noodles is basically fried eggs make do, this time thanks to Taobao merchants sent me organic mushrooms, fried a large plate of mushroom meat sauce used to match noodles, thick mushrooms, did not eat to cause appetite!


A few mushrooms
100g meat
A spoonful of oil
Half a spoonful of salt
A spoonful of black soybeans
A handful of scallion


Step 1
Soak mushrooms for half an hour. wash sth. clean.

Step 2
Chop the meat and mushrooms separately

Step 3
Add scallion and mix well

Step 4
Heat the oil pan and fry the minced meat until it changes color

Step 5
Add black soybeans and salt

Step 6
Stir well

Step 7
Put it out of the pot for standby