One meat, one vegetable, one mushroom, healthy weight loss and nutrition. I decided to eat mushrooms for a month. I think it’s wonderful to have a clear and refreshing soup. Green vegetables and mushrooms match very well. The soup is delicious without chicken essence. Moreover, the production is simple and the price is cheap. A pot of soup with a bowl of white rice, meat and vegetables, and dinner is easy to meet. The key is that sentence, you can wash a lot of bowls and dishes less! (=゚ ω It’s so annoying to wash dishes or something


Proper amount of dried mushroom
1 rape
10 chicken balls
1 tablespoon salt
Appropriate amount of olive oil
Appropriate amount of black pepper
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Soak dried mushrooms with water (keep the mushroom water and don't pour it out), and cut the vegetables at will. According to the mood, how to cut ~ (is beating a willful (● ° u ° ●) ")

Step 2
Put the olive oil into the pot and take out the soft dry mushrooms. When it is about 70% hot, add a little bottom salt to the oil, then squeeze out the mushroom water, add the mushrooms and stir fry for more than ten seconds in order to quickly stir fry the flavor. Why use olive oil? Because I want to lose weight

Step 3
Add green vegetables and continue to stir fry until water comes out, then add mushroom water, cook it a little, and pour it into the casserole.

Step 4
Continue to add water to the casserole until it is seven minutes full (not too full because meat balls are added at the back), and then cover the casserole (nonsense) Continue to cook until the soup boils. About ten minutes

Step 5
I was lazy, so I directly bought the ready-made products from the supermarket. Fastidious friends can do it by themselves. The method is very simple, that is, buy meat stuffing, add water, salt, ginger and green onions, add all kinds of things you like, beat it into a water trap, and then squeeze out meat balls with a tiger's mouth (Hoo... It's going to lack of oxygen in one breath). If there are no ready-made ones to sell, tribute pills or something can also be ah ~

Step 6
Put the meatballs into the pot and season with salt and pepper. Because it was cold, I added more pepper, which made it very spicy. Then cover and simmer for five minutes

Step 7
Because the heat preservation ability of casserole is very high, the raw meat balls can be cooked quickly and can be fresh and tender. Drop a few drops of sesame oil before turning off the fire