A very simple but amazing food. Wash the mushrooms, remove the roots, sprinkle some meat stuffing on the concave surface of the mushrooms, and put them into the air fryer 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Easy!


7 fresh mushrooms
100g minced meat
10g refined salt
10g raw soy sauce
10g five spice powder


Step 1
Wash the mushrooms and remove the handle. Get the minced meat ready

Step 2
Mix the minced meat with seasoning and put it evenly in the mushrooms

Step 3
Place evenly into the air fryer basket

Step 4
Air fryer, 180 degrees, 12 minutes

Step 5
Air fryer 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Easy.

Step 6
The meat filling is fresh and tender, and the mushroom Q bullet. Satisfy all your appetite