Summer is coming, eat jelly!


300g mung beans
Two spoonfuls of old Ganma's three diced chili
Two tablespoons chili oil
Two tablespoons of soy sauce
A spoonful of vinegar
Appropriate amount of minced garlic
Appropriate amount of coriander powder


Step 1
Mung beans soak in water all night and put them in the refrigerator in summer

Step 2
Then put it into the wall breaker, put about three times more water than mung beans, break the beans and filter them on gauze

Step 3
The filtered bean dregs are used to make steamed bread. The rest in the bowl continues to precipitate for about three hours

Step 4
After the mung bean powder is precipitated, pour out the water on it, mix the remaining mung bean starch well and set aside. Boil a small half bowl of water and a spoonful of salt in the pot

Step 5
Pour the mung bean powder in and cook over a low heat

Step 6
When you cook and stir, it will agglomerate at the beginning. With the continuous cooking and stirring, the agglomerate will disappear

Step 7
It's good to boil it until it bubbles. I seem to have boiled it for less than 10 minutes. Don't cook it too thick or too thin

Step 8
Put it in the mold to cool. Brush the oil in the mold first. As long as the mung bean powder is a little cool, it will solidify and will not touch the mold

Step 9
Minced garlic + Laoganma sanding chili + chili oil + soy sauce + vinegar. When the cold skin is ready, cut it, put it in a bowl, pour the seasoning and eat it.

Step 10
Bean dregs + flour + a spoonful of sugar + yeast to make dough

Step 11
Once fermented, steam for 15 minutes when it is ready, and then open the lid for another five minutes