Muxu meat, formerly known as luteolin meat, is a common traditional dish of the Han nationality. It belongs to one of the eight major cuisines of Shandong and kongfu. It is often wrongly named Muxu meat, alfalfa meat and so on. The dish is made by frying pork slices with eggs and Auricularia auricula. It gets its name because the fried eggs are yellow and broken, similar to sweet clover. Liang Gongchen of the Qing dynasty recorded in his notes of beidongyuan, sanbian: “in the northern stores, fried meat with chicken is called muxirou, which is covered with broken yellow. This dish is easy to make and the raw materials are readily available; It is fresh, delicious, nutritious and suitable for young and old people. It doesn’t need to prepare a lot. It’s an easy life experience for people who don’t cook very often.


100g pork fillet
25g black fungus
2 eggs
1 Sweet Pepper
5g salt
10 grams of soy sauce
1 piece of ginger
2 scallions
10g cooking wine
5g sesame oil
2 g pepper
2 g Sugar
10 g starch
20G vegetable oil


Step 1
Wash pork tenderloin

Step 2
Slice the tenderloin and marinate with salt, sugar, pepper and starch for 10 minutes

Step 3
Cut the sweet pepper into small pieces, ginger and scallion

Step 4
Northeast black fungus 25g

Step 5
Soak Auricularia auricula for more than 12 hours, wash and remove the connective tissue, pick it into small pieces and drain the water

Step 6
Put oil in the pot and heat it

Step 7
When the oil is hot, the egg liquid will expand when it meets the hot oil. At this time, the egg liquid will be quickly fried twice

Step 8
Leave the bottom oil in the pan and stir fry the meat slices with good taste when the oil is hot

Step 9
When the meat turns white, add soy sauce and cooking wine

Step 10
Stir fry with agaric

Step 11
Add scrambled eggs, sweet pepper and scallion, stir quickly, add appropriate amount of salt

Step 12
When out of the pot, drop a few drops of sesame oil and stir fry quickly