A bowl of Muxu meat came to the table, and everyone in the family enjoyed it!


500g pork
20G fungus
1g pepper
4 g salt
13 g starch
5g cooking wine
3 g Sugar
10ml soy sauce
5g oyster sauce
500ml water
50ml oil
Two eggs
5g scallion
5g ginger
20G cauliflower
10g cucumber


Step 1
First cut the pork into pieces and put it into a bowl

Step 2
Add pepper, salt, starch and cooking wine into the pork, stir well, and marinate for three minutes

Step 3
Then mix seasoning juice, then add salt, starch, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and clear water into the bowl. Stir evenly.

Step 4
Beat two eggs into egg liquid and fry until cooked. Set aside

Step 5
Continue to pour in the pork and fry until cooked. Set aside

Step 6
Then put oil, onion, ginger, agaric and cauliflower in the pot and stir fry

Step 7
Finally, pour in cucumbers, scrambled eggs and pork, add seasoning juice, and stir fry to get out of the pot