The annual flavor of Northeast China is inseparable from the classic dish pot steamed pork. This dish skillfully replaces the pork tenderloin with fish fillets, which tastes more crisp and refreshing, sour and sweet appetizer. The Hongfu fish we selected is rich in a variety of fatty acids, vitamins A and D, glycerol ethers, steroids, fish egg white hydrolysates, as well as selenium, which is especially suitable for mental workers.


2 Hongfu fish
Appropriate amount of starch
Proper flour
Proper amount of water
Tomato sauce
Proper amount of ginger
Right amount of onion
Appropriate amount of sugar
Appropriate amount of white vinegar


Step 1
Clean Hongfu fish, slice them into fillets, and use kitchen paper to absorb excess water.

Step 2
Shred the same amount of starch and flour, onion and ginger. Pour the board with an appropriate amount of cold water for flour and starch. Note that the consistency should not be too thick, which can leave a vertical state.

Step 3
When the oil temperature is 60% hot, there will be dense bubbles when the chopsticks are stretched in.

Step 4
Fry the fish slices in the pot until they are golden. Generally, the meat slices need to be fried again, because the meat is fried well for the first time and crisp for the second time. The fish slices are relatively easy to be cooked. It's enough to fry once. When the fish slices are golden, open the fire and fry for 30s, and you can get out of the pot at most.

Step 5
Use kitchen paper to absorb oil from fried fish fillets.

Step 6
Heat the oil in the bottom of the pot with ketchup and an appropriate amount of water, and add white sugar. The traditional practice is to fry sugar. Because it is easy to fry and difficult to control the heat, it is directly melted in the tomato sauce, and hook in an appropriate amount of starch sauce to thicken it.

Step 7
Put the fried fish fillets into the pot and stir fry. Finally, pour in white vinegar. The vinegar is easy to volatilize, so be sure to put it later.

Step 8
Dish with shredded Beijing onion. If there are fried white sesame seeds, you can also sprinkle some.