As the saying goes, if you bite the root of a vegetable, you can do Pepsi. It means that a person who can eat ordinary vegetables with a special taste is a person of great wisdom. Spinach, fried dough sticks and vermicelli are very common, aren’t they? But I can make it into delicious food. Want to be a man of great wisdom? You might as well learn from me.


250g spinach
2 fried dough sticks
Appropriate amount of fans
Appropriate amount of scallion oil (sesame oil)
3 cloves garlic
Proper amount of salt
A little cooked peanuts
A little cooked sesame
A little aged vinegar
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate


Step 1
Remove the roots of spinach, wash it and cut it into sections. Put it into boiling water and scald it until cooked.

Step 2
Soak the vermicelli, blanch and cut into pieces.

Step 3
Cut the dough sticks into small pieces.

Step 4
Beat the mud with garlic cloves (it tastes better to mash with garlic mortar), and then beat the fried peanuts.

Step 5
Put the chopped green onion in a bowl, pour it with hot oil and fry it into seasoning oil (hehe, it's troublesome. Don't worry, you can use sesame oil instead. The flavor is still not discounted).

Step 6
At this time, wash out the spinach, cool it and control the moisture. However, add fried dough sticks and vermicelli, then add salt, monosodium glutamate, peanut powder, cooked sesame, mashed garlic (put more appropriately to highlight the garlic flavor), a small amount of aged vinegar, and finally add seasoning oil (or sesame oil, but not more, so as not to dominate), mix well and serve. Taste, needless to say? Taste it.

Step 7
What about? With the combination of main and auxiliary, it has good color and taste, and contains calcium and vitamins A, B and C. It is rich in nutrition and absolutely tantalizing.