Rolled rice noodles are to Yunnan people what noodles and steamed bread are to northeast people. Eating a bowl is the taste of going home. Authentic roll powder comes from rice soup through layers of cooking. When it is first formed, it looks like a crystal clear skin, but it is soft and elastic, silky and smooth like milk. The first-class roll powder must come from the first-class natural good water. The good mountains and water in Yunnan raise a skillful person, and a skillful person makes a good thing with her good mountains and water!


250g roll powder
Two tablespoons of miscellaneous sauce
Proper amount of Toona sinensis
Appropriate amount of seafood sauce
Appropriate amount of balsamic vinegar


Step 1
Cut the fresh roll powder into equal parts and set aside

Step 2
Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and bring to a boil. Add miscellaneous sauce. The miscellaneous sauce is fried with minced meat and self-made bean paste. It is not repeated here

Step 3
After the water boils, put down the main ingredients and stir them with chopsticks to avoid sticking to the pot. After 3 minutes, take them out of the pot and put them on the plate, add soy sauce and vinegar, and decorate them with Toona sinensis (made in early spring) and mint