Yimian, formerly known as Yifu noodles, is a traditional Chinese pasta. It is a kind of fried egg noodles. Yimian production pays attention to good color, loose but not loose, superficial but not solid, and tastes smooth and sweet. Yimian and modern instant noodles have similarities, so it is also known as the originator of instant noodles. It has also become one of the two staple foods for Cantonese wedding and birthday parties. Lobster noodles is also a favorite dish. Today, I’d like to introduce a more popular way to cook Yimian.


250g Yimian
6 fish tofu
15g black fungus
3 mushrooms
50g pepper
100g cabbage
375 ml chicken soup
Moderate salt
Appropriate amount of sugar
Proper amount of oyster sauce
Moderate amount of old style
Proper amount of sesame oil


Step 1
First of all, the black fungus bubble hair completed, green pepper oblique knife shred.

Step 2
The prince mushroom is cut into small pieces by rolling knife method, and the fish tofu is taken out to thaw.

Step 3
Boil a pot of water and thaw the frozen fish tofu in the water.

Step 4
Open the canned chicken soup and set aside. Wash the cabbage and cut it into small pieces.

Step 5
Unpack the Yimian, put on the hot water in step 2 for 10 seconds, and let it dry.

Step 6
In oil pan, stir fry fungus, mushroom and cabbage with a little salt.

Step 7
Add fish tofu and shredded green pepper, and pour into a can of chicken soup. Season with sugar, soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Step 8
After the chicken soup is boiled, add the noodles and stir fry for several times.

Step 9
Put out the fire, pour in sesame oil, stir well and then out of the pot.