Once upon a time, in addition to the bright and unified Liao Ji Bangbang chicken, the most popular shops in the streets of Chengdu were the marinated meat shops that bought Yanbian beef.


500g beef (lean)
5 g star anise
10g fragrant leaves
3 G Shannai
10g fennel
3 G pepper
10 g dry pepper
55g refined salt
1000 grams of soup
20 g chili powder
5g pepper powder
50g peanut chips
20G white sesame
50g coriander
20G spicy millet
20G chives
10 g sesame oil


Step 1
Beef and spices

Step 2
Cut the beef into proper size, and put the star anise, fragrant leaves, Shannai, fennel, dried pepper and dried pepper into the spice bag

Step 3
Rinse the beef and put it into the sand pot. Add fresh soup and seasoning bag. Add refined salt, ginger slices and scallions to add flavor

Step 4
Bring to a boil over high heat and marinate slowly over low heat. Turn off the heat and cover until completely cooled after about 45 minutes

Step 5
Take out the beef to dry, cut it into slices

Step 6
Cut coriander into sections, millet pepper into rings, chives into scallions

Step 7
Put the sliced beef into the pot, add refined salt, dried chili powder, Chinese prickly ash powder, crispy peanut and cooked white sesame;