Chicken pancake is a special traditional snack in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, also called Xiaofeng pancake. It’s Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s chewy. I’ve tried to make a mini biscuit for many times. The ingredients are different from the traditional chicken biscuit. It’s Crispy with peanuts and nuts. PS: grind the peanuts and melon kernels, reduce the stuffing and biscuit mold, and press out the shape by hand.


100g flour
20G iced meat
10g peanut chips
10 g chopped melon seeds
1g five spice powder
1 g salt
1 gram of water
30 g invert syrup
10 g maltose
20G salad oil


Step 1
All ingredients were mixed well; PS: peanuts and melon kernels are roasted and ground

Step 2
Knead into a smooth dough and let stand for 20 minutes;

Step 3
It is divided into small smooth balls of 20g in size;

Step 4
Flatten it into a circle with the palm of your hand;

Step 5
Put it on the SUPOR air frying basket;

Step 6
The time setting is 25 minutes;

Step 7
When baking for 15 minutes, turn it over once;

Step 8
When baking for 15 minutes, turn it over once;