In summer, in addition to not deliberately making big fish and meat, we should also consider the tastes of adults and children. First, there must be taste, appetizer, and then nutrition. So I’ll have minced meat, tomato and tofu. Sources of minced meat, protein and iron; Tomato, vitamin C and a variety of minerals, red, eye nourishing, sour, increase appetite; Tofu, high-quality plant protein, is called “plant meat”. It can be done in ten minutes.


1 piece of tofu
1 piece of lean pork
2 medium tomatoes
Proper oil
Several shallots
Proper amount of salt
A little soy sauce
A little cooking wine


Step 1
Raw materials are ready;

Step 2
Cut tofu into small diced pieces of about 2 cm;

Step 3
Tomatoes are not peeled, but cut into small pieces directly; If you don't like the one with skin, you can draw a deeper cross knife on the top, and then roll it into the boiling water pot for a few times to tear off the skin;

Step 4
Chopped shallots;

Step 5
Remove the fascia of pork and chop it into minced meat;

Step 6
Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the frying pan. Don't put minced meat into the pan when the oil is hot. Quickly disperse it, and then pour a little cooking wine and soy sauce to remove the fishy color;

Step 7
Put the tomato pieces into the pot and stir fry the soup;

Step 8
Add an appropriate amount of salt and a little hot water;

Step 9
Cook the tofu in the pot for 3-5 minutes to taste, and cook the scallion before coming out of the pot.