Green onion, minced meat egg rolls, Kwai box often appears in a dish, simple and quick, nutritious and delicious.


2 eggs
200g lean meat
Proper amount of dried shrimps
2 pieces of scallion
0.5 tbsp salt
Proper amount of soy sauce
0.5 tbsp oyster sauce
Pepper in moderation


Step 1
The materials are: egg, lean meat, shrimp skin, green onion

Step 2
Chop up the green onion, and separate the white and green leaves

Step 3
Cut the pork into slices

Step 4
Put it in the blender and add the dried shrimps,

Step 5
Stir into minced meat

Step 6
Pour minced meat into a bowl, add salt, soy sauce and oyster sauce

Step 7
Stir well and set aside

Step 8
Beat the eggs into a bowl and mix well

Step 9
Add some salt and pepper

Step 10
Add scallion leaves and continue to stir for a while

Step 11
Prepare a non stick pot, add proper amount of oil, pour in scallion, stir fry over low heat, and stir fry until fragrant

Step 12
Add minced meat

Step 13
Stir fry for about five minutes, stir fry out the fragrance and set aside

Step 14
There is still oil in the pan after frying minced meat, so there is no need to refuel

Step 15
Pour in the right amount of egg liquid, gently shake the pot, let the egg liquid flat pot

Step 16
When the bottom layer of egg begins to solidify, add the fried minced meat

Step 17
Pick up the waffle from one side with a shovel and roll it to the other side

Step 18
After the roll number, use a shovel to cut into a few small sections, sister can be served, so that the minced meat and egg roll is ready