How to eat fern root Baba? Teach you the most primitive way, Jiaoxiang Q bullet, which is more fragrant than pork!


A piece of fern root Baba
Proper amount of minced ginger and garlic
Two green and red peppers each
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
The fern root Baba in the supermarket is hollow packed and can be collected for a long time. When doing it, remove the packaging and cut it into thick pieces for standby.

Step 2
Put oil in the pan, put the fern root Baba into the pot, heat it over a medium and low fire, and fry the fern root Baba until it becomes slightly soft. When the fern root Baba is completely soft, put it out for standby.

Step 3
Prepare another oil pan and heat it. Pour the minced ginger and garlic into the pan and fry it to make it fragrant.

Step 4
Pour in green and red pepper slices

Step 5
Sprinkle some salt on the seasoning and stir well.

Step 6
After the seasoning is fried, pour the fried fern root Baba into the pot, mix and stir fry evenly.

Step 7
Pour a little water along the edge of the pot. When it tastes a little, you can get out of the pot. Eat it while it's hot. It's soft and waxy. It's spicy and elastic teeth. It's the most appetizing.