Although the old man is Cantonese, he prefers pepper. He can eat two bowls of rice with some spicy food. Last year, he and the old man stayed in a rural office for a few days. Seeing that there were fewer and fewer peppers in their bottles, he wanted to do his best to make some chopped peppers so that the old man and she could continue to enjoy them. However, he had no experience for the first time, The next day, I went home, and the old man didn’t eat it, so I didn’t want to do it again for a long time. However, if I want to keep a man’s heart, I have to keep a man’s stomach, and there are machines in my home, so I went to work again. When I told the old man, he still doubted whether it tasted good. When I finally gave it to him, of course, I was full of praise, Even if I can’t eat spicy food, it smells good.


250g millet pepper
250 g red pepper
200g garlic
100g ginger
25 grams of salt
20 grams of highly Baijiu


Step 1
Two kinds of peppers are used in the material, Xiaomi peppers are very hot, and another kind of unknown local peppers, which is not very hot, is added to neutralize it

Step 2
Wash the peppers with water several times, pick out the broken ones and turn around ones

Step 3
Spread out the pepper and let it dry until there is no water. Turn around and let the ginger dry and slice

Step 4
Peel garlic without water

Step 5
Put the hot pepper and garlic into the cooking machine, which has been scalded with boiling water and dried in advance

Step 6
Turn on the cooking machine and turn it off a few times without breaking it too much

Step 7
Pour the pepper into a clean, oil-free and water-free basin, add ginger and salt

Step 8
Add high alcohol and mix well

Step 9
Seal the pepper in a bottle and refrigerate it in the refrigerator after two days at room temperature