Milk flavored corn cheese


200g corn
1 egg
Proper amount of peanut oil
Moderate amount of Dutch dairy cheese and milk
Right amount of glutinous rice flour
Proper amount of flour
Proper amount of sugar


Step 1
Cut the corn directly into a bowl with a knife.

Step 2
Put in an egg, proper amount of sugar, milk, glutinous rice flour and flour. Now think about it, you should add some baking powder, and the flour will be looser.

Step 3
Mix the ingredients evenly and wrap the corn kernels.

Step 4
Pan, widen oil, fire.

Step 5
Heat the oil and add the corn kernels.

Step 6
When turning over, start to press the corn ball with a spatula to make it evenly spread and fried. When both sides are golden, drain the oil and take it out. Cut it into pieces.