It’s healthy and delicious. Go to the market and learn.


Proper amount of Black Pork
Proper amount of Cucumber
Moderate Mexican wheat cake
Proper amount of bitter Chrysanthemum
Appropriate amount of chives
Proper amount of Donggu Yipin fresh soy sauce
Appropriate amount of sweet noodle sauce
Appropriate amount of colored pepper


Step 1
Cut the black pork into hip slices and steam in the pot for 15 minutes.

Step 2
Remove the pulp of cucumber and cut it into strips, cut the shallot into sections, and shred the colored pepper.

Step 3
Deep fry the Black Pork in the pot to make it golden.

Step 4
Put oil in the pot, add fried black pork and sprinkle with sweet flour sauce.

Step 5
Add Donggu Yipin fresh seasoning again and collect the juice.

Step 6
Place the plate and put the cut cucumber, shallot, colored pepper, bitter chrysanthemum and Mexican wheat cake.