We love all the wonderful flavors of soda we find at the Mexican markets in our area and Jarritos is our favorite brand. Used to be we only saw these unusual flavors available in old fashioned glass bottles at restaurants. My son likes Tamarindo (tamarind) and I've decided to take it to the next level by using it in a float. (Photo found at Walmart.com)


Tamarindo Soda
Coconut Ice Cream
Lime Sorbet, Sherbert or Ice Cream
Grated Sweetened Coconut
Zest from Mexican Limes (aka Key Lime)


Step 1
Fill a tall glass 3/4 of the way with soda, add a scoop of coconut ice cream or lime sorbet. Carefully fill the glass with more soda until full. Garnish coconut ice cream with grated coconut and lime sorbet with lime zest. It's also fun to combine the garnish or garnish with the opposite garnish.