My mother’s favorite dish when I was a child


80g Mei Cai
200g pork
3 G fuel consumption
2 gram raw smoke
1 small tangerine peel
4 g oil
3 G raw powder
1 g Sugar
1 g salt


Step 1
Wash the cabbage and soak for 30 minutes to remove salt

Step 2
Chop minced pork with fat and lean ratio of 2:8, mix in oil consumption, soy sauce, sugar, salt, flour and chopped tangerine peel, mix well, and stir in one direction until strong

Step 3
Cut the cabbage into small pieces and mix well with the meat sauce

Step 4
Mix well, put in a steaming dish and pour in peanut oil

Step 5
Boil water and steam for 12 minutes

Step 6
Steam well, sprinkle with scallions and serve