Ha ha ha, this dish is taught by my friend’s mother. I’ve tried it several times and it tastes great. Normal Meicai patty is made of streaky pork, but I don’t want to eat fat meat, so I use whole lean meat to make it. I choose pork zhanrou to make it, because the lean meat in this part is cool and smooth.


30g Mei Cai
200g pork
1 teaspoon of raw meal
3 g Sugar
1 teaspoon peanut oil
A little raw


Step 1
First rinse, then soak in cold water for half an hour and try the taste. If it's not salty, you can wash it and chop it up

Step 2
Wash and mince the pork. Add appropriate amount of salt, sugar, corn starch, soy sauce and cooking oil to the pork. Stir well by hand.

Step 3
Mix the cut plum vegetables with the pork, stir well again, then put water in the pot. When the water boils, add the seasoned meat cake and steam for 8 minutes.