All seasons are inseparable from soup. In winter, due to the cold climate, the amount of sweat is less, and the amount of soup consumed every day is significantly less. But the body still needs to replenish the water to help the various organs of the body play a lubricating role. At this time, it can be replaced by boiling soup. The characteristic of boiling soup is that the quantity is small and the speed is fast. A pot of hot soup at the front of the meal warms the table instantly…


1 piece of laver
12 meatballs
1 egg
Proper amount of peanut oil
Moderate salt
A little chicken powder
A little pepper
1 piece of ginger
A little scallion
4 bowls of pure water


Step 1
Ingredients: laver, meatballs, eggs, ginger

Step 2
Soak laver for a while

Step 3
Ginger peeled and shredded, meatball cut with knife flower, egg broken and scratched powder

Step 4
The soaked laver is cleaned, picked up and drained

Step 5
Put about 4 bowls of water into the casserole, put the meatballs and shredded ginger into the casserole and bring to a boil

Step 6
In the process of making soup, fry the eggs: heat the oil, pour the egg liquid and fry them into the skin

Step 7
Pick up and cut into egg shreds

Step 8
After the soup is boiled, the balls are boiled and flower like

Step 9
Pour in laver, stir well with chopsticks and continue to boil

Step 10
Mix in salt

Step 11
Mix in chicken powder

Step 12
Sprinkle some pepper

Step 13
Pour in the shredded egg, scoop up, sprinkle with scallion and drink soup