Sister-in-law is a virtuous and capable woman. She has planted a lot of dishes herself. A few days ago, she sent a large white gourd of more than ten kilograms. These days, she has almost cooked some white gourd dishes, such as steamed, stewed fish and soup. It’s very delicious. The best thing is this bowl of white gourd soup. It’s simple and fresh and sweet. I’ll share it with you here,…


800g white gourd
1 sausage
6 meatballs
4 dried scallions
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
A little chicken powder
A little pepper
6 bowls of water


Step 1
Ingredients: white gourd, chicken intestines, meatballs, dry onions

Step 2
Peel and wash white gourd, cut into thick slices and then cut into strips

Step 3
Boil an appropriate amount of water in a casserole

Step 4
The intestines are changed into oblique knife, sliced, the meatballs are cut into thick pieces, and the dried scallions must be washed and broken

Step 5
Add oil to the hot pot, put down the dried scallions and explode until fragrant

Step 6
Pour down the white gourd and stir fry for a moment

Step 7
Add meatballs and Chicken Intestines and stir fry until the ingredients are soft

Step 8
Scoop it up and put it into the soup pot

Step 9
Cover the pot and keep it boiling for about 20 minutes

Step 10
Open the lid, add salt, pepper and chicken powder, and mix well (if you like scallion, you can add some appropriately)