I especially like to eat this minced meat Hangzhou pepper. It’s delicious to roll it with small cakes. It’s called a fragrance! I can’t help drooling at the thought of here. I won’t say much, but I’ll do it


150g back elbow meat
200g Hangzhou pepper
1 teaspoon soy sauce
green Chinese onion
Edible oil


Step 1
Chop up Hangzhou pepper and pork and set aside.

Step 2
Get the scallions ready.

Step 3
Put hot oil in a pot, add scallion to saute until fragrant (add a little salt to make it more fragrant), pour in minced meat and stir fry, and then add half a spoonful of water to cook slightly.

Step 4
Stir fry until dry, pour in Hangzhou pepper and stir fry.

Step 5
Add soy sauce (no more salt), stir fry for a while and then come out of the pot.

Step 6
The fragrant minced meat and Hangzhou pepper are ready. It's super simple ~ there's very little seasoning, hehe