Before, in the baking group, some netizens put forward a problem to me


180 g sticky rice noodles
20G potato flour
A little salt
100g sugar
10g Matcha powder
360 grams of water
12g edible oil
20 grams of water
3G baking powder
8 g yeast


Step 1
First, let's review the main ingredients.

Step 2
With a low heat, first boil the sugar and Matcha powder in water.

Step 3
Then pour in sticky rice flour and cassava flour.

Step 4
Keep stirring with the scraper until the bottom of the slurry begins to set, then you can leave the fire.

Step 5
On the other side, soak baking powder and yeast in 20 grams of warm water (extra) for 15 minutes

Step 6
After mixing, you can start foaming.

Step 7
This is the state of success.

Step 8
When the room temperature is 35-40 degrees (the feeling of warm hands), you can use the hand held blender to make the slurry smooth.

Step 9
Then add the foamed solution to the previously treated slurry.

Step 10
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 11
Cover and ferment for 1.5-2 hours.

Step 12
The size of Xingfa powder is about twice of the original size, and many bubbles will be formed at the same time.

Step 13
At this time, we add the raw oil and mix it gently.

Step 14
This is the state when the mixing is finished.

Step 15
Grease the steaming pan (8 inches) beforehand.

Step 16
Transfer the slurry to the basin,

Step 17
Steam for 20-22 minutes with boiling water.