A simple bowl of sweet soup


200g mash
2 eggs
900 g water
Proper amount of sugar
Proper amount of water starch


Step 1
Wash the egg skin, prepare the starch and mash;

Step 2
Add 900g water to the boiling pot and bring to a high fire;

Step 3
Add mash after the water is boiled;

Step 4
When it boils again, turn the fire down slightly, knock a small hole on the top of the egg, and then throw the egg into the pot; (I tried my best to take the picture. The fog is too big)

Step 5
Evenly remove the floating foam with a spoon, and then add an appropriate amount of sugar;

Step 6
Then stir a few times, melt all the sugar evenly, turn on the high fire, add starch while stirring, and turn off the fire after the starch gelatinization is completed;

Step 7
Just put it in a bowl;