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300g potatoes
80g stewed beef
30g leek
Right amount of onion
Appropriate amount of black sesame
Proper amount of thirteen incense
Pepper noodles
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Prepare the raw materials in advance and marinate the beef in advance (it doesn't matter if there is no marinated beef, and the original potatoes are also delicious)

Step 2
Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces. Steam them in a pot and let them cool

Step 3
Put the steamed potatoes into a bowl and mash them for use

Step 4
Heat a little oil in the pot, add scallions and stir fry until fragrant, add mashed potatoes, thirteen spices and pepper noodles, stir fry evenly, add leek and beef before coming out of the pot, and put an appropriate amount of salt to taste

Step 5
Rub it into a ball (for beauty) after coming out of the pot, sprinkle a little black sesame and serve