Recently, I became addicted to sausage noodles. I just stewed a pot of marinated meat, cut it into small dice and sprinkled it on the sausage noodles. The marinated meat loved by northerners is matched with the sausage noodles loved by southerners. Don’t be too delicious. Because it’s too delicious, I can’t grab it. Wow, the speed of making sausage noodles can’t catch up with the speed of eating…


100g special powder for sausage powder
250g clear water
100g marinated meat
A shallot
25ml special soy sauce for sausage powder
Proper amount of water
A spoonful of oyster sauce
A little sugar
A little chicken powder
A little vegetable oil


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients, dice the marinated meat, wash the shallots and cut the shallots

Step 2
Mix 100g of special powder for sausage powder with 250g of water

Step 3
Stainless steel plate with silicone brush, brush a little corn oil, must not be more, more oil on the plate, the batter will run to one side

Step 4
Before each scoop of powdered water, mix the powdered water first to avoid the bottom of the powder. Scoop a spoonful of powdered water and pour it on the plate. A spoonful of powdered water is about 35 ~ 40g. This weight is just right. Too much sausage powder and too thick affect the taste

Step 5
Put water into the pot and bring it to a boil. Shake the plate left and right, and try to cover the plate with batter. When the plate is put into the pot, I put it uneven and a little inclined; There is no grate in the pan. This plate is just stuck in the pan. The diameter of the frying pan is about 32cm

Step 6
Sprinkle diced bacon and scallion

Step 7
Cover the lid and steam over high heat for 1 ~ 2 minutes. After opening the lid, you can see that the batter bubbles, indicating that it is steamed. Take out the plate with a clip

Step 8
Use a scraper to scrape the vermicelli from both sides along the bottom of the plate. The son waits next to him, scoops out a vermicelli and eats it immediately. It's very soft and tastes very good when it's hot. The speed of eating is faster than that of cooking

Step 9
Make all the vermicelli in turn, put them on the plate and serve

Step 10
To eat vermicelli, you need sauce. Prepare a little green onion, ginger, vermicelli, 25ml special soy sauce, a little sugar, a spoonful of oyster sauce, 100ml of water, and an appropriate amount of vegetable oil;

Step 11
Put vegetable oil into the pot, add onion and ginger, fry over low heat to produce flavor, add the mixed juice and boil; If you don't want to deal with it like this, the simplest way is to mix soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil well;

Step 12
Pour sauce and eat marinated pork sausage powder. It tastes great;