Su Dongpo once said, “no bamboo makes people vulgar, and no meat makes people thin.” Liang Shiqiu said, “if you want to be neither vulgar nor thin, cook meat with bamboo shoots.” and the classic food of bamboo shoots is a famous dish in Jiangsu and Zhejiang – pickled and fresh.


100g golden hot meat
4 spring bamboo shoots
300g hind leg pork
Proper cooking wine
1 ginger
2 shallots


Step 1
Soak the pork in warm water for 2 hours. (the fermentation time of fire meat is shorter than that of ham, the meat quality is slightly softer and the salt content is lower than that of ham)

Step 2
The whole piece of pork is boiled with green onion, ginger slices and cooking wine.

Step 3
Cut pork and pork into small pieces.

Step 4
Peel off the shell of the spring bamboo shoots and cut them into hob pieces.

Step 5
After the fire meat and pork are boiled with cooking wine and water, add spring bamboo shoots and simmer over low heat for 1 hour. Sprinkle scallion before coming out of the pot.