This stewed egg is between the stewed egg and the tea egg, because I put the Dancong tea from Guangdong. The tea flavor is very strong. In fact, any kind of tea can be made. It’s very delicious. Today, I also share a very energy-saving way to boil eggs. The boiled eggs are very tender, smooth and delicious.


14 eggs
Appropriate amount of salt
Moderate amount of old style
Two star anises
1 section of cinnamon
Appropriate amount of tea
Appropriate amount of fennel
Two fragrant leaves


Step 1
Wash the raw eggs with running water

Step 2
Take three kitchen napkins

Step 3
Put it on the bottom of the cooker

Step 4
Just put a little water enough to wet the tissue. Put the raw eggs on the tissue

Step 5
Put on the cover of the electric cooker, press the cook button, unplug the power in five minutes, and then simmer for ten minutes

Step 6
The stewed eggs are all cooked. The water on the paper towel should also be dry. What else can the paper towel be used to clean the stove

Step 7
Soak the boiled eggs in cold water, so it's easy to peel the shell, and the eggs won't stick to the shell

Step 8
Will all the eggs shell, is not white tender, each one is very complete, very beautiful

Step 9
Prepare the ingredients and wrap them in gauze

Step 10
Put the eggs back into the pot, put in the brine, salt and soy sauce, put in the appropriate water, press the cook button, and simmer the flavor of the marinade.

Step 11
This is how the newly cooked marinated eggs look

Step 12
Next, we just need to soak the eggs in the brine for more than two hours to eat them