This chicken claw can keep you away from oil smoke, go out of the kitchen and soak the chicken claw in soup. It is delicious, soft and tender, rich in soy sauce, and does not damage the complete skin of the chicken claw. I use anise, Chinese prickly ash, fragrant leaves and other spices in the soup here, add pickled pepper, soy sauce chicken juice, oil consumption and old soy sauce, cook it and let it cool. If there is no soy sauce chicken juice, it can be replaced by raw soy sauce. The chicken feet are cooked in advance, soaked in ice water and soaked in the soup until they are colored and delicious. It is better to soak it overnight.


8 chicken feet
150ml chicken sauce in soy sauce
1 slice ginger
1 octagonal
10 pepper
1 dry pepper
1 tbsp soy sauce
20ml oyster sauce
10 fennel seeds
1 fragrant leaf
10 pickled peppers
2 tbsp pickled pepper water


Step 1
Cut off the toenails of chicken feet with scissors and rinse them with clean water

Step 2
Put enough cold water into the pot, put in the washed chicken feet, put in a piece of ginger and cook over high heat for 10 ~ 15 minutes. You can easily pass through the chicken feet with chopsticks

Step 3
Take out the chicken feet, cool them with cold water, soak them for 10 minutes, control the water content of the soaked chicken feet, and put them in a deeper sealed glass bowl

Step 4
Use a spoon to skim off the foam on the surface of the soup left by boiling chicken feet

Step 5
Add 1 ginger, 1 star anise, 10 pepper, 10 fennel, 1 dry pepper and 1 fragrant leaf into the soup

Step 6
Pour 150ml chicken sauce in soy sauce and 20ml oyster sauce into a small bowl and stir well to make the sauce

Step 7
Pour the mixed juice into the pot, add 10 pickled peppers and 2 tablespoons of pickled pepper water, boil over high heat until the soup is fragrant, turn off the fire and air until the soup is cooled

Step 8
For the processed chicken feet, pour the cooled soup into the sealed glass bowl with chicken feet to make the soup dip through the surface of chicken feet

Step 9
Cover the safety cover, put it into the refrigerator and refrigerate until it is colored and delicious. It's best to refrigerate it overnight, and the taste is stronger