Mapo yam, the most addictive Sichuan dish


300g yam
100g beef stuffing
15g green garlic seedlings
10g Pixian Douban
8g Douchi
15g sweet flour sauce
10g ginger
0.5g chili powder
1.5g pepper powder
10ml soy sauce
5g sugar
5g starch
150 ml broth (or boiled water)
75 ml oil


Step 1
Wear gloves to clean the yam, scrape off the skin, then cut the yam into hob pieces and soak it in clean water to prevent discoloration.

Step 2
Boil an appropriate amount of water, put the yam block into boiling water and boil it.

Step 3
Chop up Douchi and Pixian Douban.

Step 4
Remove the old leaves of green garlic, wash and cut the roots, peel the ginger, wash and cut into pieces.

Step 5
Heat the frying pan, put the oil in it, and stir fry the beef stuffing.

Step 6
When the beef stuffing is golden yellow, stir fry the bean paste and black bean sauce together, then stir fry the ginger and chili powder together, and stir fry the red oil.

Step 7
Pour in broth (or boiling water) and bring to a boil.

Step 8
Put in the boiled yam and cook for about 3 minutes to make the yam taste good.

Step 9
Add soy sauce, green garlic and sugar to taste.

Step 10
10. Thicken with well mixed wet starch and sprinkle with pepper noodles.

Step 11
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