Mapo Tofu is an easy to learn home dish.


1 piece of tofu
Proper amount of oil
Moderate salt
Right amount of Zanthoxylum powder
2 scallions
A little raw
1 spoonful Pixian Douban
A little soy sauce
3 dried peppers


Step 1
Prepare a piece of tofu and green onion and clean it.

Step 2
Cut bean curd into small pieces, chop green onion, set aside.

Step 3
Add water and salt to boil in the pan, then put the cut tofu into the pot and cook for two minutes. Remove and set aside.

Step 4
Heat the pan, add some oil, dry the pepper and fry it. Remove the pepper, turn the heat down and stir fry it with a spoonful of Pixian Douban sauce. Add some water, add a little salt, soy sauce, and then stir fry the prepared tofu. Cook for two minutes and serve. Sprinkle with pepper powder and scallion.