Mapo Tofu


200g tofu
30g diced beef
50g beef soup
15g garlic sprouts
15g dry pepper
2 g pepper
30g watercress
5g bean drum
10g scallion
10 g ginger
10g sea pepper noodles
50g water starch
2 g pepper noodles


Step 1
Cut tofu into pieces and bring to a boil

Step 2
Take out the cold to remove the alkali taste

Step 3
Lard in pot

Step 4
Stir fry scallion and ginger, add bean and sea pepper noodles

Step 5
Pour in minced beef and beef soup

Step 6
Pour in tofu and thicken

Step 7
Sprinkle garlic sprouts before leaving the pot

Step 8
Sprinkle with pepper noodles