Home cooking, Mapo Tofu. Good to eat.


1 piece of tofu
Appropriate amount of pork stuffing
1 teaspoon chili noodles
A pinch of pepper
1 garlic
20G chives
1 spoonful Pixian Douban
A little chicken essence
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Prepare the required materials.

Step 2
Put the Chinese prickly ash in the pot and stir fry over low heat until cooked

Step 3
Mash the pepper and set aside

Step 4
Add appropriate amount of water into the pot, add tofu to boil for one minute, then remove and set aside.

Step 5
Add the right amount of oil in the pot, and then add the meat, stir fry.

Step 6
Add the bean paste and chili noodles, stir fry the red oil, and then add the garlic powder to stir fry the fragrance.

Step 7
Add appropriate amount of hot water to boil, put tofu into the pot and bring to a boil, then add a little soy sauce.

Step 8
Put the Zanthoxylum noodles into the pot, then put the water starch into the pot, bring to a boil over high fire, then put in the water starch powder in turn, finally add a little chicken essence and sesame oil, stir well and then out of the pot.