Cheap, delicious and professional.


500g tofu
50g beef
15g Pixian bean paste
5 chives
15 grams of raw tobacco
5g ginger
Three cloved garlic
2G chicken essence
2 g pepper powder
15g raw powder


Step 1
Mince beef, ginger, garlic and green onion, mince Pixian bean paste, mix water with cornflour (stir well when using) and cut tofu into 3 * 3 * 3cm pieces

Step 2
Add water and salt to boil the water. After boiling, pour in the tender tofu. After boiling again for about one minute, remove the tofu and cool it

Step 3
Put vegetable oil in the pan, bring to a low heat, when the oil temperature is 50%, pour in minced beef and stir fry until fragrant (generally minced beef is brown)

Step 4
Stir Pixian Douban sauce, garlic and ginger together. Make sure the fire is low and the red color of Pixian Douban sauce comes out

Step 5
After the oil turns red, pour in the bean curd + soy sauce + scallion, and slowly push it, so that the whole body of the bean curd should be covered with oil juice (you can't turn it over, you can only push it slowly with a spatula, otherwise the bean curd will be broken) for about 2 minutes, and then add the soup (or boiling water) to cover the pot and smolder it for about 10 minutes, so that the juice will taste into the bean curd, and the soup will submerge the bean curd

Step 6
Add a little chicken essence, slowly pour in the water, slowly push the spatula, let the powder juice, after the success of the powder juice, from the pot to plate, from the pot before sprinkle some pepper powder, don't like hemp, can not put

Step 7
After loading the plate, you can sprinkle some scallions to decorate it. This plate of delicious, fragrant and good-looking Mapo Tofu is finished