Tofu is the most common bean products, also known as water tofu. The main production process is pulping, that is to say, soybean is made into soybean milk; The two is solidification, namely the soybean milk coagulating in the joint action of heat and coagulant to form a gel containing large amounts of moisture, that is tofu.


3 pieces of tofu
Right amount of minced meat
Moderate amount of bean paste
A little bean powder
6 Chinese prickly ash
Right amount of Zanthoxylum powder
Proper amount of soy sauce
A little cooking wine
Right amount of hot pepper
3 shallots
A coriander
A little minced garlic


Step 1
The tofu you press may not be smooth

Step 2
Cut coriander and shallot into small pieces

Step 3
Stir the pepper and garlic well

Step 4
Add vegetable oil and stir well (it is recommended to heat vegetable oil and pour hot pepper on it to make it taste more fragrant)

Step 5
Next cut pork into small pieces, add soy sauce and cooking wine.

Step 6
Cut the tofu into small cubes.

Step 7
Blanch the bean curd in water, heat the oil in the pot, stir fry a few Chinese prickly ash, add the bean paste and the hot pepper paste. Stir fry the diced meat until fragrant and put it into the pan´╝ł If it's heavy, you can add a little salt) after the diced meat is cooked, add water. Bring to a boil. After boiling, add tofu, do not stir, cook until boiling. Then the soybean powder juice can be mixed to collect the juice. Add a little Chinese prickly ash noodles, green onion and coriander to the plate