Maocai is a hot pot for one person.


1 small piece of ham sausage
5g quail eggs
100g Bacon
Proper amount of lotus root
Proper amount of bean sprouts
3 cabbages
Appropriate amount of broccoli
1 tablespoon homemade chili oil
2 tbsp blended oil
Moderate amount of vinegar
Proper amount of soy sauce
Pepper in moderation
Proper amount of cooked sesame
1 teaspoon peanuts
Appropriate amount of scallion
3 garlic


Step 1
Prepare materials, dishes can be selected according to their own preferences, I am the only dish at home today ha

Step 2
Clean the sliced slices and prepare the material

Step 3
When washing vegetables, put water in the pot and heat it. After boiling, put down the ones that are not easy to be cooked first, then put the ones that are easy to be cooked, and finally start the pot together. It can also be opened separately. When the same dish is boiled, start the pot again

Step 4
Blanch all the dishes, cook the quail eggs separately, peel off the shell, add a little soup, just submerge

Step 5
First mash the garlic and put it on the vegetables. Heat the vegetable oil and pour it on. Then add the remaining seasoning and mix well

Step 6
Let the mixed vegetables stand for a while to taste. You can also mix them well and use the microwave oven to sting them for 30 seconds. Anyway, it's just to make them taste good