Especially on such a hot day, the superiority of maocai is reflected again. All the cooking fumes and heat let it stay in the kitchen. Let’s take a bowl of food and eat it on the dining table. Let’s blow the cold air and pick up the rice slowly. You say the bus is uncomfortable. Of course, this kind of soup pot won’t be available all the time. I’ll share with you a more convenient way of maocai later.


200g tripe
50g mushroom
100g tofu skin
100g oily tofu
1 node lotus root
1 potato
150g cabbage
30g black fungus
50g jelly


Step 1
Wash all ingredients, slice the slices, cut the pieces

Step 2
If you want to lower the heat, you can peel off the red oil on the surface, and add water to make such a bottom

Step 3
After boiling, add ingredients, starting from the most durable: add thousand pieces (tofu skin), fungus, lotus root, oil tofu, potato, mushroom

Step 4
Cook until the potatoes are well done. Add tripe, cabbage, lotus root and rice jelly. Bring to a boil again and turn off the heat

Step 5
When the cooked dishes are put into a bowl, the bottom of the pot has a strong taste. Omit the stir frying materials at the bottom of the bowl, and only keep some garlic and scallion on the surface

Step 6
The last few spoonfuls of spicy soup can be poured on the surface of onion and garlic