Mango sauce cake


Yuanzhen sugar
Longevity mountain wild honey
Jelly powder
Mango sauce


Step 1
Because we didn't use the oven, we bought the cake germ directly from the supermarket, cut it into cubes at home, and then cut it into two pieces from the middle.

Step 2
Whisk the cream with electric beater and add sugar twice until the liquid cream can hang on the beater

Step 3
Chop pineapple, add mango sauce and honey, stir, add jelly powder, heat in microwave oven for half a minute, cool naturally, and then put in refrigerator

Step 4
Spread the whipped cream on the cake with a spatula, then spread another layer of cake on top, and finally smooth the top and sides with cream

Step 5
Scoop out the cold jam with a spoon, carefully pour it on the top of the cake, and finally decorate it with strawberries~